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At Newell Brands, you'll find a breeding ground for new ideas and a hunger to win in the marketplace. No matter your career choice, we offer exciting internship and graduate opportunities and a chance to gain hands-on exposure to our trusted brands! In past years, interns and grads have helped bring products from the drawing board to the store shelf and conducted important research on emerging markets. Be part of the next generation of big thinkers!

What Past Interns Are Saying...

Abby, Sales Intern
The Best Ever
"The Newell internship program is the best program I have ever participated in. The team leads all make a tremendous effort to ask for feedback in order to improve the program each year. Even during a time of great change - a merger between two companies - Newell has set aside time and resources to make sure interns feel valued…I have never been at a company that has appreciated interns and their work as much as Newell Brands.”
Kira, Marekting Intern
Not “Just an Intern”
“At Newell Brands, you’re not just an intern; you’re a valuable asset to the team. You are given a level of responsibility that is just not see at other large companies."
Antonya, R&D Intern
True Responsibility
"The Newell summer internship truly prepares interns for a job with the company after graduation. Each intern has a project that he or she completely owns and manages, then presents to senior leadership. It gives intern the chance to learn about the company, have a sense of responsibility, and add value to a project, which is applied to achieve business objectives.”
Logan, Marketing Intern
Better Than the Classroom
"I learned and experienced more during my 3-month internship with Newell Brands than I did in my four years of college classrooms." 

Our SCMDP Program

Our Intern & SCMDP Perks

Just to name a few...
  • Competitive Pay
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Assigned Manager and Mentor
  • Meaningful Projects
  • Training and Leadership Exposure
  • Orientation, Social Activities and Outreach Events
  • Employee Discounts!

Our Campus Life

Having the opportunity to intern for Newell Brands allowed me the chance to work with professionals in my field who treated me as an equal and not just as an intern. I learned a lot about other disciplines in product design, and even got to work closely with another intern on our final internship project. Together, our collaboration sparked a few great design ideas that are in the process of being patented. I have never done an internship like this before, and cannot thank Newell enough for the experience and knowledge I have gained!
Anastasia, Design Intern
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