To get a better understanding of what working at Newell Brands is really like, meet the people who have made a career at Newell Brands the most rewarding chapter in their story.

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What’s your favorite thing about working at Newell Brands?

Our culture is one of my favorite parts about working here, which we’ve built here in Kalamazoo over the last four years. The team has always been great; I appreciate the friendships and the like-mindedness of the people working together.

Martin Scheppan - Director, Graphic Design

I agree, the people and the friendships are the best part. For instance, with Martin and me, we can appreciate what each of us brings to the teams. We have our segmentation, but we also have our hands in each other’s work. Because Martin and I have worked closely on projects, I’m not wondering about what Martin is thinking, and we’re able to produce top-of-the-line design.

Jonathan Bader - Director, Graphic Design

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What does it take to run Newell Brands' internship program?

It takes a village to run a top summer internship program, and one of my favorite things about working for Newell Brands is the level of buy-in we have from our leaders and employees for making our program best-in-class!

Christine Terminello - Campus Recruiting Manager