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Our Culture

This blog post was written by Atlanta Intern Christine Anez.
Live. Learn. Work. Play. The exact four categories I would want out of any internship. From day to day work, to touching the lives of so many consumers, Newell stands by these four pillars in everything they do – especially the summer internship!

From e-commerce in New York to Sales in Seattle, Newell offers so many internship locations to provide you with whatever opportunity is best for you. I spent my summer in the Atlanta, Georgia, office. This was the most ideal location for me to till be close to my home in Florida, but live a big city lifestyle. With flexible work hours, I could explore the city and make the most of my time here.

I have never worked in a corporate environment before, so I was able to learn about the business world, along with how much effort goes into product development. While I spent my summer on the brand development team, I learned about every function at Newell. Throughout the entire internship, all interns were given the opportunity to meet with other functions and participate in various lunch and learns.

The best part about an internship with Newell is that you are given the opportunity to take ownership of meaningful work. Your time will be spent working on a Hero Project that serves a real business need, along with day to day team tasks. Here lies the opportunity to work with employees of other functions to help build your research and to strengthen your professional connections at Newell.

I have had the most invaluable time here and have made great friendships by getting to spend so much time with other interns! From events like a Braves game and CycleBar, to weekly snack attacks and everyday life at the intern table, my summer internship has truly followed the motto ‘work hard, play hard.

Why Newell Brands?


Make The Most Of Your Summer

 This blog post was written by Chicago Intern Tyler Pearce.
This may seem obvious, but sometimes you get so caught up in your intern project and meeting deadlines that you forget one of the most important aspects of an internship: to network!

Never be afraid to say hi; Newell employees are very friendly and love to help interns out in any way they can. Be sure to network both horizontally and vertically. This means meeting with anyone from another team or function, a new hire, or even senior level management. The more people you meet at Newell, the more emerged you will feel in the company, improving your overall experience. Meeting with different departments and backgrounds allows for a well-rounded view of the company from many perspectives and will create endless opportunities in your future career.

Make Yourself Valuable
Make sure that throughout your internship, you are making yourself as valuable as possible to your manager and team. This will not only help Newell, but also yourself as gaining hands on experience will help improve your personal skill set.

Creating value can happen in many ways, but if you aren’t sure where to start, speak up! During the course your internship, you may find you have some free time on your hands. Utilize this time wisely by asking other employees if they have any side projects you could take off their hands, or your mentor or manager if there is anything else you could be doing.

Use your skills to help other interns achieve their goals as well. Whether this be at the end of the internship critiquing final presentations, participating in fellow intern innovation sessions, or being a test subject for a fellow intern. Collaboration is key to a successful work environment, so make yourself valuable and contribute to Newell’s success!

Give and Receive Feedback
Your internship with Newell is essentially a trial run to see how well you would fit with the company in the long run. To think of it in simple terms, this is basically a 12-week long interview. It’s important to respond to the feedback your manager gives you, improve your listening skills, and show that you can respond to constructive criticism and advice.

This doesn’t mean that you are the only one being interviewed, Newell is also under examination. Don’t be afraid to give your manager feedback. Let them know what is working for you and what isn’t. The more open you are, the better internship experience you will have. Just know that while giving feedback can be helpful, make sure it is done in a professional manner. Newell wants your voice to be heard so if you have ideas, critiques, or recommendations, share them with your manager or mentor!